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The characteristics of forged carbon fiber

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Author : carbon fiber industry
Update time : 2023-11-20 14:48:04

The characteristics of forged carbon fiber mainly include:

  1. Strength and stiffness: Forged carbon fiber has very high strength and stiffness, able to easily withstand high strength pressure and tension.
  2. Density: Forged carbon fiber has a higher density, making it more solid, durable, and lightweight than traditional carbon fiber.
  3. Corrosion resistance: Forged carbon fiber does not require a protective film coating, as it already has good corrosion resistance.
  4. Production process: The production process of forged carbon fiber is relatively complex. It involves mixing carbon fiber with other materials to form a paste-like mixture, then placing it into a specific mold and compressing and preheating it under high temperature and pressure. Next, it undergoes forging under specific pressure and temperature to form a forged carbon fiber material with the desired shape and performance. Finally, the forged carbon fiber is subjected to heat treatment to achieve the final properties of the material, such as strength, stiffness, and corrosion resistance.
  5. Wide range of applications: Forged carbon fiber has a wide range of applications. For example, in the aerospace industry, it can be used to manufacture aircraft bodies and engine components. In the automotive industry, it can be used to manufacture lightweight components such as engine covers and car body frameworks. In the sports goods industry, it can be used to manufacture high-performance bicycles, surfboards, etc.

Overall, forged carbon fiber is a very promising new type of carbon fiber material with extremely high strength and stiffness, while also being very lightweight and has wide application prospects.