Carbon Fiber Tubes - (Roll Wrapped)

Custom Size Black Carbon Fiber Wide Round Tube

Item No.: WISE-CFBRT-04
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: WISE Carbon Fiber
Application: Industry, Sporting, UAV, FPV, tent pole, flag pole, water fed pole, antenna mast
Shape: Carbon Fiber Round Tube
Dimensions: Consumer's request
Product Type: Carbon Fiber
C Content (%):70%
S Content (%):0.005%
N Content (%):0.001%
H Content (%):0.01%
Ash Content (%):0.25%<0.5%
Volatile: Non-volatile
Surface:3k twill/plain weave; black surface
Surface Finish: Glossy/ Matte
Length: Customized
Technology:Roll-wrapped/ pultruded
Feature: High strength, lightweight,anti-corrosion,
acid and alkali resistant.
Technical Specification of carbon fiber product
Item  Unit  T300 Quantitative Value  T700 Quantitative Value
Carbon Fiber Content 68  68 
Resin Content  % 32 32
Specific Gravity g/cm³ 1.5 1.5
Tensile Strength Mpa  3400  5200
Elasticity Modulus Gpa 240 250
Shearing Strength Mpa  40 40
Poisson Ratio    0.25 0.25
Elongation 1.7 1.7
Working Temperature   -80℃-130℃ -80℃-130℃

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