Carbon Fiber Rods

T300 T700 3K Custom Size Epoxy Carbon Fiber Solid Rod

Item No.: WISE_CFR_01
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: WISE Carbon Fiber
Application:RC model plane/Golf/Fishing rod/Toys/Tent/Lamp stent
Shape: Carbon Rod
Dimensions: Diameter 0.5-25.4mm
Product Type: Carbon Fiber
C Content (%):70%
Working Temperature:120°C
S Content (%):0.005%
N Content (%):0.001%
H Content (%):0.009%
Ash Content (%):0.25 <0.5%
Volatile: Non-volatile
Color: Black
Material:70%carbon fiber+30% resin and others
Surface: Smooth
Technology: Pultrision
Advantage: Good-resilience, Waterproof
Size: Customer Made
Port: Shenzhen

T300 T700 3K Custom Size Epoxy Carbon Fiber Solid Rod is perfect to mount some light accessories, such as flashlight, monitor or microphone.

Key Features 
laughCorrosion resistance
laughAbrasion - resistance
laughImpact resistance
laughNon-magnetic electromagnetic
laughExcellent fatigue resistance
laugh​​​​​​​Good resilience
laugh​​​​​​​Convenient to pack and transport
laughCan be cut, drilled and assembled with standard tools

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